Exploring The Shift from Traditional to Modern Learning (International Collaboration Book Chapter)


  • Yuliati
  • Sri Tutie Rahayu
  • Manelyn Batocabe Antiola.
  • Adison Adrianus Sihombing
  • Honorata Ratnawati Dwi Putranti
  • Totok Dewayanto
  • Muina Fadila
  • Anggraeni Endah Kusumaningrum
  • Maria Karolina Selano
  • Edy Jumrio
  • Fransiskus Janu Hamu
  • Donatus Wea


This book attempts to answer important questions about this shift and provides different perspectives from authors from different parts of the world. One of the aspects discussed in this book is the influence of technology on education. The author discusses how technology can be a very useful tool in improving the quality of learning. However, the author also discusses the challenges that arise with the use of technology in education and how we can overcome these challenges.

In addition, this book also discusses how to develop more interactive and creative learning methods. Interactive and creative modern learning can help students better understand the material being taught and help them develop the skills needed in everyday life. This book also discusses the importance of international collaboration in education. The author explains how international collaboration can help us to understand different cultures, languages, and different points of view. International collaboration can also help us to develop a more inclusive and equitable education.