Collaborative Communication Leadership


  • Maria Karolina Selano Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan St. Elisabeth Semarang, Indonesia

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Collaborative Communication, Leadership, Organization


Collaborative communication leadership is an approach to leadership that emphasizes effective and open communication within a team or organization. Collaborative communication leadership requires a commitment to listening, resolving conflicts, and time management. However, by prioritizing open communication and cooperation, this approach allows organizations to optimize their team's potential and achieve outstanding results. In an era of rapid change, collaborative communication leadership has become more relevant than ever before. This approach helps organizations remain adaptive and responsive to environmental changes and new opportunities. Teams that can communicate and collaborate effectively have a competitive advantage because they can quickly respond to emerging challenges and take advantage of opportunities in a dynamic market. Therefore, collaborative communication leadership is not just about building strong relationships within a team but also about preparing the organization to become more resilient in facing an uncertain future.