Collaborative Innovation in Education: Building Bridges between Teachers, Students, and Technology


  • Emilianus Sember Sawo STIPAS TDP Palangkaraya

Kata Kunci:

Collaborative Innovation, Teacher, Student, Technology


Education is the foundation of ever-evolving civilizations, where teamwork and innovation are essential. This essay examines the literature and considers how important collaborative creativity will be in determining the direction of education in the future. It focuses on bridging the divide between teachers, students, and technology to create dynamic, inclusive learning environments. To enhance learning experiences, collaborative innovation in education combines teacher expertise, student creativity, and technology. Technology benefits the entire classroom community by improving learning outcomes, developing interpersonal skills, and increasing student engagement. The benefits of collaborative invention are demonstrated by empirical research conducted at various levels of schooling. Implementing technology, changing cultural norms, and allocating resources fairly are challenges. Education stakeholders must band together to overcome these challenges. The importance of collaborative creativity in creating education that can change to meet changing demands is emphasized in this essay. Building bridges between educators, students, and technology is essential to changing educational paradigms and producing more rewarding learning experiences for all parties involved.