Catholic Education Strategy in the Age of Technology: Addressing the Cultural Challenges of AI to Strengthen the Faith of the New Generation


  • Marianus Dinata Alnija STIKAS St. Yohanes Salib – West Kalimantan

Kata Kunci:

AI, Catholic Education, Faith and the Newest Generation


This article elaborates on the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Catholic education strategies in strengthening the faith of the newest generation. The birth of artificial intelligence aims to make computers capable of thinking, learning, and acting like humans in a certain sense. At the same time, the basic spirit of Catholic education is the combination of Faith in Christ and knowledge, thereby providing a moral and ethical foundation for thought and action. This research aims to outline specific strategies that can be used in Catholic Education to face the challenges of AI culture. This article provides insight into the extent to which the spirit of Catholic education in strengthening human faith remains relevant for the newest generation. Through interdisciplinary literature analysis, this study outlines the question of what the strategy for Catholic education is amidst today's advances in artificial intelligence (AI).